3D modeling and visualization

3D models from sketches, reference, plans/blueprints
Lighting and Rendering objects, ideas, and spaces
Visualizing products, concepts, designs
360 turns, exploded parts, Interactive experiences, instruction +more

Game Art, Design, and Content Creation

Meshes, materials, textures, and FX optimized for games, VR, and other real-time simulations

3D modelers for hire DFW

Environment Art

Architectural elements, and modular set pieces
Custom foliage, props and more
Any setting- natural, urban, fantasy or futuristic

Hardsurface 3D Modeling

Man-made machinery, parts and equipment
Robots, mechs, droids, craft, vehicles
Game weapons, loot crates, armor, items

Materials and Texturing

Physically Based [PBR] Material Creation
Procedural Blender Materials
UV Coordinates and UDIM tiles
Hand painted, NPR, Stylized Texturing

Other Interactive & Design Services

UX Design and UI elements [3D, 2D, hybrid]
2D Graphics for in-game signage, screens, marketing
2D Concept art, backgrounds, sprite sheets
3D Concept Art, kitbashing, ideation sculpting
Illustrative Design, Packaging Design, and more